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About Us
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About Us

Founded in 2017, WHALECHIP CO., LTD. ( WHALECHIP ) is a fabless semiconductor and system solutions provider dedicated to technological innovation. We focus on the development of HPC (High-Performance Computing) ASIC and processors, and deliver HPC computing system-level solutions. The company is headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan.


The WHALECHIP team possesses self-developed IPs, including High-Performance Computing (HPC) chips, encryption acceleration algorithms and Speed Crossbar Fabric architecture, etc. With our industry-leading acceleration chips , high-bandwidth computing as well as 3D heterogeneous integration technology, WHALECHIP is aiming to bring disruptive changes in the application scenarios of artificial intelligence, autonomous driving, cloud servers interconnected computing and blockchain computing power infrastructure layer which accelerate the arrival of the post-Moore's Law era.

WHALECHIP offers optimization crypto-algorithms IP Solutions, custom IC design and system integration (HW/SW) solutions.

a. ) The custom IC/ system development provides complete solutions such as:

- Hash ASIC design and cryptocurrency hardware applications

- HPC/AI applications

- Security IC/Module/ Platform solutions

b. ) The cryptographic algorithms IP Solutions include high-performance cryptocurrency hash IP solutions for      

mainstream Blockchain application.

​c. ) The system integration solutions which assist customers in solving design services from semiconductors,

packaging to PCBs, and the realization of heterogeneous integration technologies

Next-generation technologies has brought disruptive changes. The WHALECHIP team with unique and strong technology development capabilities, is expecting to create more diversified innovative application requirements, and provide customers with the most advanced flexible IC design services and complete solutions.



2021 - Present 

2019 - 2020 

2018 - 2019

2017 Oct

3DIC Products


W1 (Gen 1 WOW technology ) 3DIC/ Miner mass production 

W2 (Gen 2 WOW technology )  3D IC Sample-Out (Jun’22)

First 3DIC 


Partnered with the leading worldwide foundry- TSMC, launched World's 1st WOW 3DIC and realized production

Launched 7nm BTC ASIC (total 11KKpcs)/ Miner and mass production

7nm SHA256 IC 



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