WHALECHIP, TSMC, Powerchip, and AP Memory demonstrate 3D integration of logic and Memory chips

Aug 30, 2021

WHALECHIP, together with TSMC, PSMC, and AP Memory realized the high bandwidth 3DIC. The 3DIC shows effective memory bandwidth more than 10 times that of HBM, while having a memory capacity of more than 4GB, which is about 5-10 times the maximum on-die SRAM capacity on 7nm logic technology.  It will be a great leap for AI and HPC applications that require very high bandwidth.


WHALECHIP stated that the company has successfully hit the milestone and has successfully produced out the company’s 1st Gen 3DIC for HPC applications on TSMC’s 3DFabric technology. Meanwhile, 2nd Gen 3DIC with better performance after optimization is ready to tape-out.


WHALECHIP is the direct customer to TSMC, designed the high-performance computing chip by deploying TSMC logic and 3D integration foundry services, Powerchip customized DRAM foundry service, and AP Memory customized DRAM design and related interface IP.

Source : APMemory
AP Memory demonstrates VHM(TM), the true 3D integration of DRAM and Logic (