WoW 3DIC Technology
WHALECHIP WoW 3DIC technology adopts advanced Hybrid bonding wafer-level manufacturing technology to integrate chips of different types, different structures, and even different process nodes.

Compared with the SOC external DDR/HBM method in 2.5D CoWoS technology, WoW 3DIC technology significantly increases the connection density and quantity, while eliminating the need for the PHY interface and greatly shortening the connection length. These optimizations have significantly reduced system power consumption and occupied area, greatly increased data transmission bandwidth, solved the memory bottleneck problem, and greatly enhanced the overall computing performance of the chip system.
WoW 3DIC :
Next-Gen technology succeeding CoWoS
To meet high data flow requirements in AI/ HPC applications, the 2.5D packaging approach (CoWoS) uses HBM placed around the logic chip with 1,024 pins connecting (each HBMx) to the SoC.
Placing hundreds of chips on an interposer for 2.5D packaging is technically challenging due to space limitations.
Whalechip WoW is true 3D stacked with 100,000 up pins, delivering over 10-100 times higher bandwidth, reduced power consumption, and space-saving benefits.
Integrates logic and memory directly on two wafers via Hybrid Bonding(WoW).
Solved the Von Neumann bottleneck That has plagued the HPC/AI Chip developers.
WHALECHIP WoW 3DIC Technology/Product Roadmap
Blockchain Application
The WoW 3DIC RAMTRIX™-HBD solution accelerates hardware applications through blockchain Hashing algorithms and has successfully completed the second silicon verification and delivered to mass production. Based on the client's actual measured performance index results, our product is leading graphics card products in the market
AI Application
The new AI accelerator product has entered the design stage. More high-bandwidth WoW 3DIC applications such as generative artificial intelligence and large language model applications demand high bandwidth requirements. High-efficiency bandwidth can improve data transmission performance.